Workshops from Waltham

Pakoras on a plate

Explore Waltham Forest’s Virtual Culture Programme 2020 and discover activities for kids and teens – and even adults!

Learn how to interview people about their life (not for nosiness – but in order to create a biographical project).

Make dishes from the “More Than a Recipe” book, presented by Stories Supper which “brings refugees, asylum seekers and local residents together over food and stories, to challenge negative narratives about migration”.

Learn how to make Stained Glass Window Stickers – or a Color-Changing Lemonade (in case you thought lemonade was delicious but needed more pizazz):

Many of these events are now recorded, but you can still attend some live events (Note the time difference), including creating written or physical art with a Playwrighting Workshop (about “Creating Hopeful Stories” and “Exploring Your Voice”); Or take a Sculpture Workshop, including “Performed Sculptures” which invites us to “interact playfully and obliquely with everyday objects at home – a chair, a spatula or fruit – while becoming temporal sculptures ourselves”.