We Do Not Dream Alone: With Asia Society

Blue Blackground with Fuchsia Outlined Letters, which read "WE DO NOT DREAM ALONE", with yellow letters that read, "Asia Society Triennial" And "New York City"

Asia Society Triennial is the first initiative of its kind in the United States, encompassing visual art, theater, dance, music, and film, from and about Asia and the diaspora.

The inaugural exhibit is: “We Do Not Dream Alone“.

“It celebrates the rich tapestry of Asian cultures that comprise a significant, yet historically underserved, demographic within New York City. …Leaping across geography and history, the artistic projects in this Triennial resist the condition of dreaming alone by unveiling the way people, objects, and events across time and space are linked through a complex web of relationships.”

You can experience it until February 7th at Asia Society Museum (timed tickets) and their NYC Partner venues. (Part 2 runs from March 16th to June 27th, 2021)

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Underlying the Triennial is our belief in the power of art, its innate ability to embrace the paradoxes and contradictions of our increasingly complex global society while retaining the capacity to illuminate the thread of our shared humanity.

The presence of art shows that we are never alone in life and our dreams. We invite you to dream with us.” – Boon Hui Tan, Former Artistic Director