Waterside’s Favorite 2018 Photos

Tis the season! For Top Nine!

As we approach the end of the year, we’ve chosen our favorite 9 Waterside-related photos of 2018:
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Photos of Waterside in NYC, Including: Kimya Dawson, Pool, 4th of July Fireworks from Waterside, View from Waterside

Beginning from top left, photos by:

  1. @deannagyoung (of Kimya Dawson at our summer concert)
  2. @ahmetserdareker (being way more flexible than most of us)
  3. @subnana (foster kitty contemplating the view)
  4. @angelfitkitchen (of our plaza and the summer sky)
  5. @samuraibluenyc (capturing the 4th of July fireworks)
  6. @subnana again (with her view of the sunset and the city);
  7. @kathleenthesecond (of our plaza and the East River)
  8. @Jackiegabez (of her view of the East River)
  9. @glow05 (looking somewhat smaller than our stilt-walking Uncle Sam at our 4th of July party)