Volunteer with Goats – and Solar One

3 Goats

If you’d like to volunteer with goats, Solar One has a plan for you!

Solar One, will have the Green Goats of Rhinebeck helping them in Stuy Cove Park – and you can join them.

According to Candace Thompson of Solar One (also Stuy Cove Park’s new Park Manager), the goats will be of assistance by: “eating the park back into shape starting September 8th. If you’re not familiar, goatscaping is an ancient practice that has seen a revival here in the states over the past 30 years or so. In China goats have long been used to help weed and fertilize tea plantations, and in California they are increasingly being used to manage underbrush and prevent forest fires. So necessary! Thankfully at SCP they’ll just help us get our massive bindweed problem under control.”

You can sign up for Solar One volunteer shifts, if you’d like to help with goats, hugels, or fall planting.

They’ll be posting about the goats and have daily goat facts on their Instagram at @solaroneatstuycove.

If you have any questions contact Candace at candace@solar1.org.


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🐐HEAR YE! HEAR YE!🐐 On September 8th, Stuy Cove Park will be hosting some four legged guests for a limited engagement: the famous Green Goats of Rhinebeck will be taking a lower Manhattan mini-vacation with us and helping park staff quickly manage our overabundant ‘weeds’ just in time for fall planting. Why goats? Because they’re basically walking composters who, when employed in a ‘flash mob’ herd can eat 25% of their body weight per day and turn excessive biomass (aka plants) straight into fertilizer (aka poop). In the light of the ongoing COVID crisis we figured there was no better time to use this ancient land stewardship practice to get the park back in shape, share some fun, and prepare for an abundant 2021 growing season. Want to get involved? 🐐 Check the link in our bio to support our GOAT FUND ME (tax deductible!), 🐐or sign up for a VOLUNTEER SHIFT to help pull species for the weedy smörgåsbord!🐐 We’ll also be posting regular #goatfacts in anticipation of their arrival that teachers and students of all ages may enjoy. 🐐Check our #goatcam for live feeds of the walking weedeaters in action, 🐐and of course, you can always take a screen break and come watch sustainable land stewardship IRL. 🐐We assure you it’s never been cuter.🐐 #goats #CapraAegagrusHircus #LandStewardship #NoHerbicides #WeedEaters #TheOriginalForagers #WalkingFertilizers #LandManagement #goatsofinstagram #goatscaping #goatworthy

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