Virtual Visits: Central Park

Beautiful fall foliage in Central Park, NYC

Adore the oasis that is Central Park? Whether or not you were able to see Joyce Gold’s talk on the subject here at Waterside (this past February), the upcoming online conversation between the Central Park Conservancy and New-York Historical Society should pique your interest.

Treasures from the Library: The Origins of Central Park

“Join Central Park Conservancy Historian Marie Warsh and New-York Historical Society Reference Librarian Crystal Toscano on an exploration of Central Park’s pre-history, conception, construction, and more. This virtual program will explore various documents, including unrealized plans for Central Park; maps and surveys documenting Seneca Village, the African-American community that existed before the Park was built; and photographs of the Park under construction.”

This event takes place on Tuesday, December 1st at 3PM, and registration is via Central Park Conservancy.

Old Drawing of Birds-Eye View of Central Park

You can also take their 45 minute virtual tour, “Heart of the Park“, to discover some of its scenic, sculptural, and architectural elements, “The Trees of Central Park“, where you’ll learn about their most incredible trees on a virtual nature walk, and “Crossing Central Park” for the history, architecture and history of its most iconic bridges and arches.

Stone bridge among greenery in park, Gapstow Bridge, in Central Park, NYC

The park is open, and features a number of self-guided tours such as, “A Walk Through History and Culture“, “Notable Statues and Monuments“, “Belvedere Castle Audio Guide“, “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” and “The Ramble Tour“, that you can download from the site and go your own way!