Two Upcoming Film Festivals: International, Innovative

Poster with stick drawing of person with a projector, colorful background, text reads "Queen's World Film Festival June 23 - July 3, 2021" and another image with the words "FIRST LOOK" in blue letters against a wirey pink and green background

Two upcoming film festivals offer an array of exciting entertainment:

Queen’s World Film Festival (June 23rd to July 3rd)

QWFF has almost 200 films from across the world, from 33 countries (including Nepal).

This 11th annual festival is offered online or in person, and revolves around the theme of HOPE (Healing Opportunities Promote Equity).

The films “reflect the common yearnings, hopes, observations and experiences of our global storytellers. Expect to experience cinematic treasures exploring the human experience by filmmakers residing from all over the globe—yet all engaged in similar conversations.”

First Look (July 22nd – August 1th)

This is the 10th year for this festival from the Museum of the Moving Image, and presents its largest film selection to date of never-before-seen films.

These, also international pieces, are “formally inventive works that seek to redefine the art form while engaging in a wide range of subjects and styles”.

Films are presented live (but a selection of films will be available for online viewing after their on-site premiere).

Additionally, filmmakers will appear either in person or via live video.