Lonna and Peter of Junebug Artistic Garden Design give a tour of the gardens.


“Waterside is actually a public space, and it’s on 23rd Street and it’s definitely worth coming down and taking a look…It’s like nowhere I’ve seen in the city. It’s really, really beautiful,” Lonna, Junebug Artistic Garden Design.

Waterside has one of the largest rooftop gardens in New York City, with over six acres of landscaped surface. In the video above, the gardeners discuss plant selection, massing, irrigation, and visual design provide invaluable ideas for urban and container gardeners, especially in waterfront communities.

Plants discussed include: Zebra Grass; Carpet Roses; White Birch; Chrysanthemum; Tulips; Daffodils; Yellow Grove Bamboo; Water Lilies; Black Pine; Japanese Maple; Mountain Laurel; Red Twig Dogwood.