Origami Fridays for Kids!

Kids can learn origami – with a touch of math – from MoMath with “Folding Fridays“.
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Mathemagic (From MoMath, Naturally – and Virtually!)

Kids (and adults) who are fans of magic, take note of today’s (May 6th’s) MoMath event: “Mathemagic with a Deck of Cards with Colm Mulcahy” (4:00 pm and 7:00 pm EDT):
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MoMath Shows You Secret Math Magic

Tomorrow evening, at our friendly mathy neighborhood Museum, MoMath, you can experience ‘Six Magical Concepts’ with Magician Joshua Jay:
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Fun Family Photo Opps

Need photos of your kids? Ones where they’re actually having fun? These places succeed in being both kid-friendly and Instagram-worthy.

We’ve selected one in our Kips Bay neighborhood, and a few imaginative others in Chelsea.

New experiences for your family await at the over 70 exhibits of the Museum of Illusions. Learn how easily your mind can be fooled – and why!

Illusion of girl's head on a plate - at Museum of Illusions
(From Museum of Illusions’ Instagram @moi_newyork)

Stop by the “world’s first magic-themed interactive exhibition”: New York Magic Lab, which offers installations with magic tricks, holograms and Augmented Reality (AR).

Girl in tophat with dice above her - at NY Magic Lab
(Photo from New York Magic Lab’s Instagram: @newyorkmagiclab)

In November, Disney’s immersive “Mickey: The True Original Exhibition” celebrates 90 years of Mickey Mouse’s influence on art and pop culture.

Timeless Icon | Mickey: The True Original Exhibition

Back here in Kips Bay, there’s the newly opened Fairy Island exhibit with: “6 magical multi-sensory installations to inspire an exciting exploratory and engaging atmosphere for visitors”.

Brightly colored paper, flying around young, happy girl - at Fairy Island NYC in Kips Bay
(From Fairy Island’s Facebook: @fairyislandnyc)

There are a number of other picture-perfect pop-ups! Take a look at what else is on now.

Mollusks in Manhattan

Just down the street, your kids can learn about tiny aliens! The tiny aliens of the invertebrate world!

At Bellevue Hospital Center, right here in Kips Bay, experience the Smallest Mollusk Museum:

“Prepare for a journey into the world of the mollusk: a group of invertebrates that has produced the oldest animal alive, the hardest biological material, and a lot of slime.

Humanity. Mollusks. An epic battle for survival.

Straighten your spine, vertebrate. Things are about to get weird.”

Co-founder, Amanda Scochet, on what this 6 foot tall museum entails:

“Our team of engineers, designers and storytellers at MICRO worked with over 30 scientists from the world’s leading research institutions to develop the exhibits, which include two miniature movie theaters, a full-sized holographic aquarium packed with strange beasts, the world’s first 3D-printed octopus brain, and a bucket of slime.”

Smallest Mollusk Museum - in Kips Bay

Just head over to the Bellevue pediatric unit to understand more about these fascinating tiny creatures.