Final Weekend for a Children’s Film Festival

More virtual treats for film fans:
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A Global Film Festival Comes to You(Tube)

Screen movies from home – from film festivals around the world: At “We Are One: A Global Film Festival“!

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Delve Deep with Documentaries – at MoMA’s Doc Fortnight

Doc Fortnight 2019 begins this Thursday! MoMA’s annual nonfiction film festival provides a week full of features and shorts from around the globe. Continue reading “Delve Deep with Documentaries – at MoMA’s Doc Fortnight”

Animated Spirits Showcases New Animation From Europe

On November 5th, head to the SVA Theatre to see “Animated Spirits– New Animation”, an annual festival – which includes a free screening of contemporary animated films from Central and Eastern Europe.

“Dim, poignant, surreal, unconventional. Probably these are the first words to come to one’s mind, when describing the animated films made in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Almost 30 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, and the slow and oftentimes troubled process of democratization in the region, animated short films have an increasing approach to reflect on social and political subjects. While artistic animated short films have a tendency in general to evoke the universal condition of human existence, contemporary animation from Central and Eastern Europe combine this with a strong incentive for dealing with issues of the actual world, like the long-term effects of childhood traumas on one’s personality, the gender differences or the personal freedom in today’s society.”

Films from: Poland, Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro, Latvia and Hungary.

From "Food" - Dir. Michaela Mihalyi (CZ, SK) 2017 '2 - at
From the stop motion film, “Food” – Dir. Michaela Mihalyi (CZ, SK) 2017 ‘2 – at

(The full program has, in addition to the screenings, workshops and a networking event.)

More information at: