June at Health Club: Try Water Aerobics and BollyX Free! + Special Offers

This June, get swimming or try a dance-based workout – Free! At Waterside Swim & Health Club
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Free Pilates and Splash Classes – Health Club in April

Splash & Stretch! Waterside Swim and Health Club offers two promotional classes in April. Whether you prefer your workout on a mat – or in the water, we have a class for you to try! And they’re free to non-members. (Of course, the class is open to members too.)

Just show up! No pre-registration required.

Promotional Classes in April

Tuesday Night Splash ” (Tuesdays at 6:30pm) is a high intensity work out that blends cardio and muscular strength exercises into a series of progressions designed to challenge you. Splash begins with a warm-up then proceeds into a high intensity water circuit (a series of alternating cardio and strength exercises), and ends with a cool down and stretching.

Women in pool - "Tuesday Night Splash Class" - Waterside's April 2018 Promotion Class


Total Body Pilates” (Wednesdays at 10am) is a cutting edge fusion workout! In the first half of the class, calorie burning will begin by using weights and core exercises. In the second half, we will go to the Pilates mat using weights – burning calories as we build long, lean muscles.

Women doing pilates on mats - "Total Body Pilates" - Waterside's April 2018 Promotion Class

For more information, call the Waterside Swim & Health Club at (212) 340-4225.

Special April Offer

Join the Waterside Swim & Health Club in April for one year and receive an additional month on us!

Woman with weights - Waterside's April 2018 Health Club Membership Promotion

Free Tuesday Night Splash Class at Waterside

Free Tuesday Night Splash Class! 

This is no dip in the pool! Get moving with a high intensity work out that incorporates cardio and muscular strength exercises.

This class takes place in our huge heated pool with skylighted roof!

Free classes in March and April, 6:30pm – 7:30pm (March 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, April 3rd, April 10th, April 17th, April 24th): No registration necessary, just come by 35 Waterside Plaza to the Swim & Heath Club Reception, 15 minutes before class. And mention you saw this offer on Facebook (or on the blog, depending on where you saw it).

Feet Splashing - Tuesday Night Splash Class - at Waterside, NYC

Our Health Club and Pool

Open seven days a week, Waterside Plaza Swim & Health Club is an ideal place to work out, offering fully-equipped cardio and weight rooms, certified personal trainers and instructors, saunas, and a huge pool!

Our indoor heated pool is open seven days a week during club hours. You can relax with a late swim while stargazing through our skylighted roof on a winter’s night, or bask in the warm sun on the pool deck when we retract the roof in the summer.

Freestyle and lap swimming are both welcome. We also offer swimming lessons for adults and children, and have a fully trained lifeguard staff on hand.

Waterside Swim & Health Club Pool - Waterside, NYC

Any questions? Feel free to call the Club at (212) 340-4225.

Free Aquasize Class – Health Club in June

What could be more appealing in hot weather than a dip in the pool? How about being in the pool – and getting your workout?

Try an exercise that allows you to get fit – without breaking a sweat.

In June, Waterside Swim and Health Club is offering “Aquasize” as its promotional class, so if you’re not a member, you are welcome to give it a whirl, free, all month! And, of course, the class is open to members.

Mondays at noon is “Aquasize Monday”

“Aquasize is water aerobics, a non-impact workout that uses the resistance of the water  to improve endurance, strength and flexibility. Instructor David Cabrol will guide you through exercises in the pool. Benefits include improvement in range of motion, balance and coordination. A great class for those recovering from an injury or for those looking for an intense workout without any stress on your joints.”

This is a wonderful class with an exceptional instructor. 

Learn about instructor David Cabrol on this interview!

Free Water Aerobics/Aquasize Monday at Waterside Plaza Swim & Health Club - June 2017

November’s Free Class: Hatha Yoga

Free November Class

Yoga is a lovely way to feel more balanced – physically and mentally.

And, this month, Hatha Yoga is our FREE class at Waterside Plaza Swim & Health Club!

It’s Saturdays in November at 11:30AM.

(Non-members wanting to check out the Health Club, give this a try. Members can, of course, take it too!)

If you’re wondering about what other benefits this class offers:

“In Hatha Yoga, we come into the breath and quiet the mind as we find steadiness in asana and attain increased balance and an enhanced connection to our highest self. This class provides personal modifications and emphasizes integrating mind, body, energy, and breath –all within a playful, supportive environment. In addition to sequencing for an energetic effect, meditation, guided visualization, and mantra are also offered in this session. All levels of practice are welcome. “

Just show up! No pre-registration required. For more information, call the Waterside Swim & Health Club at (212) 340-4225.

Group Class Schedule – November

Waterside Swim & Health Club - Group Class Schedule - November 2016

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