Healthy Habits – Early

Waterside Swim & Health Club‘s Stu Lopoten leads some Year 10 British International School of New York students through a High Intensity Interval Training class!

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Free Strength and Cardio Classes + Special Offer – Health Club in February

Join us pre-work for perfect morning workouts! Waterside Swim and Health Club offers two promotional classes in February! Both at 7am – to get your day started on the right foot.

“Strength and Body Conditioning” is on Tuesdays & “Cardio Carve” is Thursdays – both taught by the fantastic and motivating Stu Lupoten.

Strength and Body Conditioning” is a total body workout designed to challenge your cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance and improve your core strength and flexibility. Fun and effective for all ages and fitness levels!


Cardio Carve” will efficiently build your best body by strengthening your upper/lower body, burning fat and toning your core at the same time. Sweat inducing, high intensity cardio intervals meet resistance training by utilizing dumbbells, steps and your own body weight to shred fat and tone muscle!”

These classes are free to non-members. (And, of course, the class is open to members too.)

Just show up! No pre-registration required. Be sure to bring your own towel. For more information, call the Waterside Swim & Health Club at (212) 340-4225.

Woman doing plank / push up - February 2 Free Classes at Waterside Swim and Health Club

Special February Offer

Kick Start your Fitness with our introductory packages!

    • 3 (30 minute) personal training session for $99.00
    • 3 (30 minute) swim lessons for $99.00

 Women after workout - Kick Start Specials at Waterside Swim and Health Club