Joyce Gold – Immigrant, Radical, Notorious Women of Washington Square

Joyce Gold is back for her fourth talk at Waterside with “Immigrant, Radical, Notorious Women of Washington Square”!

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Technological Optimism: With John Lobell

Come to our Lewis Davis Pavilion for another thought-provoking talk by John Lobell – this time: “Technological Optimism”.

This richly illustrated lecture explores the following:

“Ever since the explosive best-seller of the 1960s, ‘The Population Bomb’, we have been warned of impending doom. Mass starvation, resource depletion, environmental degradation. Some of these are real problems yet we continue to see technological marvels and increasing prosperity. So what is the real story? Come to this presentation, and be prepared to discuss. (Disagreements welcome.)”

About John Lobell
John Lobell, a long-time Waterside resident, has a widely ranging mind, addressing technology and creativity. Lobell is a professor of architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He consults on high profile technology projects, is the author of numerous articles, and has lectured throughout the world. His books include “Visionary Creativity: How New Worlds are Born.” Find more at

Wednesday, February 26, at 6:30 PM
Lewis Davis Pavilion (25 Waterside Plaza)

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Joyce Gold – The Creation of Central Park

Joyce Gold returns for her third talk at Waterside with the history of our city’s legendary park!

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