Stories, Singing and Snacking – November at the Community Center

No need to mourn over fictional ghosts! Even once the Halloween festivities are over, our Community Center still has fun activities planned.

In addition to the ongoing Tournament Tuesdays and Matinee Movie Wednesdays, November has stories, singing and snacking!

Join us for:

Thanksgiving Treats (for Adults)
Tuesday, November 22nd
Time: 1:00PM to 3:30PM

Community Center Members: Enjoy an afternoon of tasty fall treats in the company of family and friends. Catering by The Waterside Café.

Thanksgiving Brunch at Waterside Plaza

Karaoke & Fall Snacks (for Kids)
Friday, November 18th
Time: 3:00PM to 4:30PM

Kids sing their favorite songs, while having yummy fall treats such as caramel apples, chocolate marshmallows, etc.

Karaoke for Kids - at Waterside Plaza

Story Time (for Kids)
Thursday, November 10th
Time: 3:00PM to 4:00PM

Our Community Center host, Denisa, will be hosting story time for the kids, by reading favorites of their choice.

 Storytime at Waterside Plaza

Painting: Pumpkins and Faces! – October at the Community Center

Our Community Center (Located at 40 Waterside Plaza – Level A) always has fun activities planned for its members – and a month with goblins and ghouls could be no exception!

Join us for these:

Pumpkin Painting (for Adults)
Friday, October 21st
Time: 2:30PM to 4:00PM

A fun filled afternoon of arts and crafts. Mini pumpkins, paint and painting supplies will be provided.

Pumpkin Painting - at the Community Center - Waterside Plaza - October 2016

Autumn Card Making (for Kids)
Friday, October 14th
3PM to 4:00PM

Kids create their own autumn-themed cards to give to their friends and family members. Kids love making these – and relatives love getting them! (Arts and craft supplies will be available.)

Autumn Card Making - at the Community Center - Waterside Plaza - October 2016

Face Painting and Magic Show (for Kids)
Friday, October 28st
Time: 3:00PM to 4:30PM

An interactive magic show featuring a live rabbit! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, there’s also face painting, sing-alongs, cotton candy – and more!

Magic Show - at the Community Center - Waterside Plaza - October 2016

See you there!