HOME: Send Us What It Means to You!

We’ve had some wonderful submissions for our HOME project – and we’re excited to see more!

To recap:  This year, we’re celebrating our truly unique New York City community – and the young artists who live there – with HOME: A Waterside Plaza Project in Pictures & Words.

We’re featuring art from resident children depicting what home means to them. Drawings, pictures, collages etc. We’ll be displaying them on our kiosks, email newsletters, and perhaps an end-of-year art exhibition.

Home: Whether it’s a place for family, the tranquility of space away from the bustle, the joy of play, the feeling of comfort – we’re looking to see depictions of the concept to you.

So send away!

Here are a few great ones we’ve received:

By Anthony - For Waterside's HOME Project
By Anthony – For Waterside’s HOME Project


By Ineg - For Waterside's HOME Project
By Ineg – For Waterside’s HOME Project


By Eva - For Waterside's HOME project
By Eva – For Waterside’s HOME project

Young artists can submit their artwork to alevy@watersideplaza.com 

Adult residents can share too – send us any words on the same topic–a paragraph, a poem or a story!