See Sinkane: Tomorrow on our Plaza!

Band members of Sinkane

We’re very excited about tomorrow night’s concert on the Plaza!

For the first show of our Waterside free summer entertainment series, we have Sinkane!

Bridging Afropop and psychedelia with the smotherings of early 1970s soul, Sinkane has been making a career out of original Afrobeat fusions that have won him the raves of critics and audiences since his City Slang debut, 2012’s Mars.”

– PopMatters

The band recently released a new album and it’s more personal for its bandleader than previous ones. Ahmed Gallab deeply explored his identity in the process,

“Throughout the making of my new album I kept asking myself the same question: ‘As an immigrant to America, where do I belong?’… [O]ne day when I was wandering around the fertile desert of the internet, I stumbled upon an amazing word: dépaysé.

Dépaysé is a French word that basically means ‘to be removed from one’s habitual surroundings.’ By extension, it means to be disoriented, homeless. That’s a feeling I relate to very much in these times — and I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. That word gave me clarity and made the journey inward that much more exciting.”

Asked by NPR about becoming proud of his background and influences, Gallab responded:

“I think, growing up, I always wanted to be like everyone else. I always wanted to go sleep over at my American friends’ houses because I could wake up and smell bacon at their house. That was so different from my experience at home. And I was like, ‘Oh, I just wanna be like them.’ But as I grew up and learned about myself more, and connected with other people like me, I realized how beautiful my experience is, as well. And in respecting that, in being myself unapologetically, my friends accepted me as much as they accept everyone else. Or, the world accepted me as much as they accept everyone else. And I did become a part of the community that I wanted to be.”

Sudanese-American Ahmed Gallab of the band Sinkane
Ahmed Gallab


Gallab’s exploration, and the resulting album, emphasizes the beauty of our diversity:

“… [U]ltimately, I want to make it clear that the world is a better place because of our differences. We’re all strangers in this ever-stranger land of America. We are all the American Dream.”

Join us tomorrow, at 7pm, for Sinkane!

Band members of Sinkane