See Michael and the Rockness Monsters: Tomorrow on our Plaza!

Children Enjoing a Concert

Update: This event was rescheduled to July 31st (due to the excessive heat and threat of thunderstorms, on the original date)

Tomorrow, we welcome Michael and the Rockness Monsters – and you! – to our scenic Plaza.

The concert is free! And it’s an ideal evening of entertainment for you and your little ones.

While this concert is especially for children – the band wins adults over equally.

“Songs from the Rockness Monsters tend to linger in your subconscious until you’re humming them without realizing it.” – Geek Dad

Like this one, which is funny, goofy and most catchy!

The bands shows and music “shine with creativity. The music is both silly and serious—filled with catchy melodies and thick instrumentation. Live, the band takes on new life with a full horn section, props and becomes a what New York Family calls ‘an odyssey of imagination’.”

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Register for the free show on Eventbrite