Saturday: Experience the NYC Multicultural Festival

Women from Senegal Dance at Festival

The 10th Annual NYC Multicultural Festival is a celebration of the city’s cultural diversity!
This free day of entertainment takes place Saturday (June 8th), 11:00AM – 7PM at Jackie Robinson Park (Bandshell)

“Come and experience the music, dance, food, fashion, arts & crafts and much more from countries such as Greece, Ireland, Brazil, China, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Mexico, India and much more.”

Women from Senegal Dance at Festival
Bokandeye at the NYC Multicultural Festival

There’s also a Children’s Village where kids can learn some of a new language or about different cultures through arts and craft.

The festival was created to highlight how all our city’s cultures contribute to making it the wonderful and special city it is.

“Every cultural community, unique in its mode of dress, food, language, beliefs and customs, adds to the sight, sound, taste and smell of NYC.”

Vibrant Dancing From Various Cultures

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