Roots & Routes Gala Series – Jazz, Live-Streamed

Dark grey map with lettering above it: "Annual Gala Roots and Routes of Jazz". With black lettering in the middle with, "Jazz &... Peru"

On Tuesday, May 25th, the 3rd installment of the National Jazz Museum in HarlemRoots & Routes Gala Series” comes to you.

This installment explores the Afro-Peruvian roots of jazz with bandleader Hector Morales and his Afro-Peruvian Ensemble, and will be streamed to the museum’s Facebook and YouTube page, live from the outside of The National Arts Club, their community partner.

This ensemble features some masters of the Afro-Peruvian musical tradition current living in the US.

“This series is created to share the history of jazz from its African origins to the ways it continues to move culture in Harlem and around the world, and this music is the backdrop for art and activism. Jazz like other music has been the soundtrack of social movements. This series highlights the ways culture changes culture.” – NJMH Executive Director Tracy Hyter-Suffern, NYC-ARTS

The June 8th Roots and Routes Virtual Gala Celebration, is followed by their Gala After-Party with DJ Brother Mister spinning classic soul, funk, groove mixed with a bit of live bass.

You can see previous shows on Facebook or YouTube.

Like Tuesday’s Jazz &… Amsterdam

and April 25th’s Jazz &… Laos.