Online Music Workshops and Experiences – via Third Street

Teacher playing the guitar with children

Compete with your family in an Air Guitar Championship! On Tuesday, July 28 at 7pm, Third Street Music School Settlement invites you to bring your best air guitar soloing skills to win Third Street prizes.

Third Street, the nation’s longest-running community music school, has fantastic online programming five days a week as part of their Virtual Community Series.

A number have been recorded, so you can learn how to use an Equalizer or about the history of the toy piano, watch a Kitchen Gadget Orchestra, experience Duke Ellington’s World of Piano, and hear music from around the world!

Coming up, you can experience the following workshops:

Conducting: Turning Written Music into Motion – with Oscar Thorp

“Come feel the beat! Conductors keep an ensemble in time by showing the beat and help shape the music with expressive motions, but how do they read all of that music in front of them? How does a conductor organize so many thoughts and sounds on the fly? Join Oscar Thorp in an exploration of how the conductor uses the orientation of the score to make musical decisions on the podium. Experimenting with your own conducting is highly encouraged! For adults, but teens are welcome too!”
(Wednesday, Jul 22nd at 1PM EDT. RSVP)

Mambo Lasagna – with Arturo O’Farrill (pre-recorded)

“Grammy winner Arturo O’Farrill will explore the layers and rhythms in Latin music and how they work together to make delicious music – and yes there will be lasagna!”
(Friday, Jul 24th at 1PM EDT. No RSVP necessary.)

HomeMADE: Rock OUT!

“Each week on HomeMADE, our featured faculty will teach two mini-workshops based on that week’s theme, engaging students in listening and movement activities they can do from home. For elementary-aged students. In this week’s segment, viewers will be energized by the music and dance of rock n’ roll!”
(Tuesday, July 28th at 11AM EDT. RSVP)

A Journey Into the Blues with David Moreno

“A look at the history, performers, and music of the blues.”
(Wednesday, July 29 at 1PM EDT. RSVP)

Music Production -with Scott Jacoby

“A discussion with Grammy Award-winning music producer, Scott Jacoby on the art of production.”
(Thursday, July 30th at 5PM. Register RSVP)

Music education in the comfort of your home!