Meet Melissa Peretz, who’s going to get you into the best shape of your life!

You know that amazing feeling you get when you’ve achieved something beyond your wildest dreams? The confidence, the self-esteem, the deep sense of accomplishment you get, having pushed yourself, and pushed yourself some more, and made it to the other side? Melissa Peretz, the Triathlon Training Instructor at Waterside Plaza’s Swim and Health Club knows the feeling well… and today she’s not only an avid triathlete, she can help you, too, get into better physical shape that you ever thought possible. 



Beginning this month, on Monday, April 12, at 5:45 in the evening, Melissa will begin her proven-effective Triathlon Fitness program at the Waterside Health Club, an intensive, eight-week, eight-session regimen that includes 30 minutes on the stationary bike, 30 minutes on the treadmill, and 30 minutes in the pool. Much more than just a great workout, Melissa’s Triathlon Fitness program will teach you the latest techniques for streamlining your swimming, cycling, and running strokes, making your training AND competing more efficient and effective than ever before. It’s a great opportunity to go beyond what you only THOUGHT were your body’s limitations, and it only costs $125 for all eight weeks. 

Anyway, it’s all very exciting. We had a chance to chat with Melissa the other day about her own Triathlon experience, and what she hopes to accomplish with her new class here at Waterside Plaza. Here’s what she had to say….   

1. What first inspired you to become a triathlete, Melissa?

Actually, I had signed up for the NY marathon and didn’t get a place in the lottery, so as I had been training already for a few months and I couldn’t find another marathon that would fit my schedule, I decided to adjust my training and go for triathlon instead. It is something I have been interested in for some time and as I was already cycling I just needed to get swimming again.  

2. How many triathlons have you completed? Do you know your personal best time?


I have completed a few non-sanctioned events and a few sanctioned events (that means it is regulated by the USAT). Each event has been a slightly different distance, so I don’t have a specific personal best. Each time I just want to do the best I can on that day.  

3. Is there a section of each race (or training session) that you particularly dread, or especially enjoy? Like, you can’t wait to get out of the water and onto the bike?

Without a doubt my favorite part of a tri is the bike. That is my strongest event and most enjoyable. The swim is the most challenging to me, especially when it is an open-water swim, as all my training is done in a pool.


4. Any good, bad, or ugly triathlon stories you like to share with us, that either happened to you or one of your students?

The worst moment I have had during a triathlon was during my very first one. I had just started the swim; it took a while to get used to all the other legs and arms kicking and flapping around me, everyone fighting for their space. So I was half way out to the buoy when I looked up and totally lost my nerve. I had a flash of "I can’t do this" and lost control of my breath. I realized I had as far to go back to the shore as I did to get to the buoy and decided in that moment that I was totally unwilling to give up. I summoned a deep breath and kept going. That was an enlightening moment, to feel a complete lack of control and then mentally pull it together. I think any sports event that really challenges your own perspectives of what you are capable of are so empowering, it keeps people coming back for more. It’s certainly true for me. So in fact, the worst moment really wasn’t at all!

5. That’s great that you have a two-and-half-year old daughter! Our daughters are teenagers now, but even though they’re pretty independent these days, we’d still be concerned about finding time to train for such an arduous-sounding event. Doesn’t being a triathlete require a huge time commitment? How do you manage it with all of your duties as a mom?

The events I have participated in so far have been sprint distances, so although there is still a lot of training necessary it is more manageable. I have always made time for cycling and running, so it is really about trying to squeeze in more swimming, and then in the few weeks before an event, I increase the workload as much as I feasibly can. It helps having a great husband who knows what it takes to train for an event (he does road races) and is incredibly supportive and encouraging. When I run, I have a jogging stroller, so my daughter comes with me and during the season, one ride on the weekend is with my Burley carriage attached to my bike, again so she comes with me. The distance I can ride with the Burley is much more limited and it is much more challenging, but we get to all be together and I still get to train. 

Thanks Melissa. 



And now you can sign up today for Melissa’s Triathlon Training Program, beginning on Monday, April 12, by calling 212-340-4225 or stopping by the Waterside Health Club.

The Union Square Playground is a new NYC must for kids of all ages


Yes, it’s excellent that Waterside has a first-rate playground right here on the plaza. No question, we love it, both for what it is–clean, safe, and totally fun–and for where it is, also known as "right downstairs." BUT, that said, have you seen the amazing new playground in nearby Union Square?! A year and a half in the making, 15,000 square feet in the space-taking, nearly $4 million in the spending, the completely redesigned/rebuilt Union Square Playground opened its iron gates just a couple of weeks ago, but is already a massive hit–especially with the harder-to-please mid- to late-grade-school set–and is even being hailed by playground pros to be the best in all of New York City. 


We love so much about this place–the first half hour there was pretty much spent just walking around grinning like idiots while the kids went nuts–but here’s a few things that we thought were particularly cool.  


Kids couldn’t get enough of this simple climbing/sliding silver dome, scampering to the top (if they were good), enjoying the triumph and the view for a minute, then sliding the steeps back down. Again and again and again. 



There are several actual, complete trees right in the playground proper, which may seem like not a big deal, but they really break up the space well, and add a sense of adventure, of hide-and-seek, to all the running around.  


The aptly-named Spirallo and the helix-looking Pulsar are nothing like the jungle gyms we had/fell from as kids. Totally jealous. On a related note, the lively checkerboard flooring (in great non-cliche colors!) is all made from SofSurfaces rubber tiling. 



Wonka-looking talk tubes! Send your child off to find the companion color, and have a whispered conversation all the way across the park. 


Much of the equipment in the main section of the playground is definitely for the older kids, but there’s also a whole well-designed toddler area, too, with the big three for the younger crowd: sand, slides, and swings. The Union Square Greenmarket is right there four days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday), so excellent, healthy snacks and treats are easy to get everyone’s hands on. And when the weather gets hotter, the pavilion turns into a cooler, with misters and sprinklers. The Union Square Playground is located at the northern end of Union Square Park, close to 17th Street between Broadway and Park Avenue South.     

Antony Gormley: Event Horizon in Madison Square Park



Although Antony Gormley’s Event Horizon doesn’t officially "open" until this Friday, March 26, this dramatic art installation in and around the excellent Madison Square Park is already almost entirely in place and, from the looks of things so far, is one of our favorite public art projects of the last few years. Gormley’s concept here is simple: take 31 life-size body-form statues of his (naked) self, cast in iron and fiberglass, and place them along the pathways of Madison Square Park, and on the sidewalks surrounding the area, and, most spectacularly, up on the rooftops and ledges–and standing as close to the edge as possible–of the historic buildings that tower over the square. 




The overall effect of Event Horizon is a curious, compelling combination of wonder, awe, and a vague kind of dread. The men-sculptures dotting the rooflines have the most impact, of course, 22 of them in all, placed at varying heights and precariousness of perches. Among the most immediate evocations of this looming platoon: benevolent superheroes watching over and protecting us; dark, evil angels preparing to swoop; despairing men, on the brink of suicide; basic humanity, stripped down but at ease with their vulnerability. There’s definitely also a rewarding I Spy/treasure hunt aspect to the viewing experience, and we felt a little thrill each time we spotted a new man, obscured by trees or outcroppings in the distance, or immediately overhead, looking right past us. The New York Times has a nice map of the sculptures’ positions attached to this article, but we suggest you go in cold, and try to find them all yourself. Needless to say, kids (of all ages) love this sort of thing.   



Gormley originally created Event Horizon for London, in 2007, but we think Madison Square Park, with all those beautiful buildings we always look up at anyway, is pretty much the ideal location for such a spectacle. Plus, of course, there are all the usual great reasons to spend an afternoon here: the sunny lawn, the burgers and concretes at Shake Shack, the shady benches, the playground, and the fabulous people watching. Madison Square Park is located between Fifth and Madison Avenues, and 23rd to 26th Streets. Antony Gormley’s Event Horizon will be on display from March 26 through August 15.    



New Free Waterside Plaza Shuttle Bus Schedule


The free Shuttle Bus service is one of the great perks of living in Waterside Plaza (in addition to, you know… living in Waterside Plaza!). And just two days, on March 16th, it got even better, by adding a new, 3:15 afternoon run to Grand Central. 


So now the Waterside Plaza free Shuttle Bus Service takes Waterside residents to Grand Central (and back) eleven times each weekday: making six trips in the morning–at 7:15, 8:15, 9:15, 9:45, 10:15, and 10:45–and five more in the afternoon, at 3:15, 4:15, 5:15, 6:15, and 7:15. 



The free Shuttle also goes to Union Square and back, of course, leaving Waterside Plaza each weekday morning at 7:45, 8:45, and 11:15, and each weekday afternoon at 3:45, 4:45, 5:45, and 6:45. 

So whether you just want to go shopping, or exploring, or need to get to work or come home from either of these two major subway and railway transportation hubs, taking the Waterside Plaza free Shuttle Bus Service makes your life just that much more hassle-free. For complete Shuttle Bus information, including drop-off and pick-up locations, please visit your password-protected Tenant Portal at, or stop by the management office in 30 Waterside.   

62-or-better years old? Love feeling fit and in shape? Save 50% today!



If you’re 62 years or older, and don’t mind getting your exercise in during so-called off-peak hours (frankly, we prefer it over there when things are quiet), the Waterside Plaza Swim and Health Club has a fantastic half-price promotion just for you. Here’s the deal: 



1. Work out as much as you like, every day, even weekends, anytime between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. 

2. You have full access to all of the Waterside Swim and Health Club first-rate facilities and equipment: the fabulous, heated Swimming Pool; the Cardio Rooms, with treadmills, elliptical, recumbent as well as upright bikes; the Strength Equipment Rooms, with free weights and top-of-the-line machines from Cybex. 

3. You SAVE 50%! Your Off-Peak Senior Membership is just $250 for an entire year, which is a full half off the usual price!  



Start your HALF-PRICE Off-Peak Senior Membership today by calling 212-340-4225, or simply stop by the Waterside Plaza Swim and Fitness Club.