MoMath Shows You Secret Math Magic

Magician ponders mathematical formulas

Tomorrow evening, at our friendly mathy neighborhood Museum, MoMath, you can experience ‘Six Magical Concepts’ with Magician Joshua Jay:

“[E]xplore the intersection of magic and mathematics with a dazzling demonstration of seemingly impossible tricks that involve secret mathematics. Various trick methods will be explored, as well as the fascinating background on how magic tricks are created. … Part show, part lecture, this special events brings a former world champion of sleight-of-hand to MoMath for an evening of numbers, magic, and entertainment.”

Well-dressed male magician ponders a lit lightbulb in his hand
Magician Joshua Jay

We love magic – and the focus on how it melds with math makes it extra enticing!

The event is part of MoMath’s “Six Series” – which celebrates the museum’s 6th birthday, and is hosted by Manjul Bhargava, Fields Medalist and Distinguished Visiting Professor.

Following this in the series, puzzle out the “unusual shapes that can fold out into a cube” – with MIT Professor Erik Demaine at “Cube Conundrum“.