HOME: A Waterside Plaza Project in Words & Pictures

Residents dancing on the plaza at summer event, 1990s
Residents dancing on the plaza at a summer event, Waterside Plaza, 1990s

What does “Home” mean to you? Originally built as much-needed housing for the nearby UN population, Waterside Plaza has been one of the most diverse rental communities in the world’s most diverse city for over forty years. Today, residents from 59 countries call Waterside home.

In 2016, we’re celebrating this truly unique New York City community with a new project called HOME: A Waterside Plaza Project in Pictures & Words. We will be featuring drawings of resident children depicting their homes on our kiosks, email newsletters, and perhaps an end-of-year art exhibition. If you have a young artist in your midst who’d like to submit an artwork, please send to alevy@watersideplaza.com.


International residents often tell us Waterside is their “home away from home.” For six-year-old Grace, home is simply where the cat is. We invite all resident children to show us their home–whether at Waterside, in their country of origin, or just in their wildest imaginings. (Adult residents are invited to send us any words on the same topic–a paragraph, a poem, a story!)

Is home where your family is, where your friends are? Is home where you came from, or just where you feel best? Like the ducks that make their home every spring in the pond on the plaza, is it some quiet, cool, beautiful corner at Waterside? Whatever home means to you, we want to see it.

waterside plaza ducklings
Ducklings in plaza-level pond at Waterside, May 2015