Pool Parties

Pool Party

kids swimming under water


Parties are held every Saturday and Sunday. Party includes 25 guests. Party times are between 12:30pm-5:00pm.

Party includes One Hour Pool Time & One Hour Party Time! We provide tables and chairs


Pool 1600 sq. ft. $250/hour $400/hour
Studio 866 sq. ft $250/hour $400/hour


Rules & Regulations:

Rental Space Regulations

  1. Rental reservations will be canceled two weeks prior to the reserved date if the Rental Fee, Security Deposit and completed paperwork have not been received by Waterside.
  2. The Security Deposit will not be returned if there are any damages or repairs resulting from use of the Space, any infraction of the Regulations, or extensive cleaning (more than the allotted time covered by the Rental Fee).
  3.  If pool is rented and there are more than 10 people attending an additional life guard will be hired at the rate of $25/hour. There are a maximum number of 25 people allowed for a pool rental.
  4. Both the Studio and Pool are available during the hours of noon – 5 for a maximum of a 2-hour rental.
  5. Those attending a private function, including children, may not congregate or play outside the Space. 
  6. It is prohibited to sell alcoholic beverages at a private function.
  7. Renter may not have access to the cabinets, equipment or supplies in the Space.
  8. Refuse (soda cans, paper plates, coffee cups, etc,) must be placed in large garbage bags, and sealed tightly. All decorations, including balloons, flowers, centerpieces, etc. must be removed immediately after the function
  9. Music is to be played at a moderate volume.
  10. Waterside property is not to be removed from the Space at any time.
  11. Management is not responsible for any personal property used or left in the Space.
  12. All proposed events are subject to approval by Management.
  13. While rare, access and set-up of the Space may occasionally be delayed due to unforeseen Maintenance emergencies.  Should this occur, the Rental Fee is non-refundable.

Insurance Requirements

  • Upon execution of this Agreement, Renter shall provide Waterside and/or Managing Agent a Certificate or Certificates evidencing all of the insurance referred to herein, and Renter shall be required to maintain the following insurance amounts not less than those specified below: 
  • Commercial general liability insurance with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 in the aggregate, $1,000,000 products and completed operations aggregate, and $1,000,000 per occurrence for personal injury and advertising injury, which insurance shall cover the following: premises and operations liability, products/completed operations, broad form property damage, bodily injury, broad form contractual liability, personal injury and independent contractor’s liability. 
  • Renter shall, by specific endorsements to its primary policies, cause Waterside, Managing Agent, Affiliates, Agents, Servants, Subsidiaries, Successors and/or Assigns, Mortgagees, the Property and all Additional Insured, as their interest may appear to be named as Additional Insured with respect to ongoing and completed operations. Renter shall, by specific endorsements to its primary liability policy, cause the coverage afforded to the additional insureds thereunder to be primary and non-contributory with other valid and collectible insurance available to Waterside and Managing Agent. All policies of insurance insuring Renter shall include an endorsement providing that the underwriters waive their rights of subrogation against Waterside and the other Indemnitees.
  • Please click on this link to obtain insurance for your pool party.