”Hand-in-Hand”: Storytelling Through Shadow Theater

Shadow Theatre Show - Woman and child

Hand-in-Hand” is a storytelling show told through shadow theater.

“Puppetry artist Spica Wobbe interviewed her mom and transformed the interview and her childhood memories into shadows. The image of a mother holding her daughter’s hand conveys how the previous generation took care of the next generation. Through shadow, light, music and storytelling, it also tells how her mom, a self-taught artist, Ms. Shia Zhaozhi, used her paintings to document her life stories growing up in Taipei, Taiwan.”

Shadow Theatre Show - Woman walking, holding her child's hand

You can watch it on YouTube:

The show also provides a supplemental worksheet to explore the issues in the production. (Encouraging children to, for example: “Draw one of your family’s traditions and tell the story”.)

Kids can participate in upcoming workshops online, creating their own story and bringing it to life with shadow puppetry.

Session II: 10/7/2020 @7pm storytelling workshop (RSVP)

Session III: 10/13/2020 @7pm shadow theater workshop (RSVP)

Ages 10 and up

No previous storytelling or shadow puppetry experience is necessary.
(Show and workshops in Mandarin are here.)

The show is presented by Flushing Town Hall, a Smithsonian Affiliate.