Free Candlelight Yoga + Special Offer – Health Club in February

Rolled up Yoga Mat - next to two lit pink candles. Text reads: "Free Class: Members and Non-Members"

This February, Waterside Swim and Health Club offers a promotional class designed to leave you relaxed.

It’s “Candlelight Slow Flow Yoga” – Thursdays at 7:30pm, with instructor Veronica Farje:

A series of held poses supported by props will allow the connective tissue of the body to melt.
You then move gently through slow Vinyasa sequences enhanced by aromatherapy.

This class is free to non-members (and, of course, members are welcome too), so come by and let it help you unwind from your day.

Candlelight Yoga - Free class at Waterside Swim & Health Club

Special Offer

Boost your work out routine! Waterside Swim and Health Club is offering:

3 (30 minute) Personal Training Sessions for $99.00 ($150 Value)
3 (30 minute) Swim Lessons for $99.00 ($150 Value)

Available to those who haven’t taken advantage of this offer before. A great opportunity to try either or both!

Contact our Club Manager, Sean McCaffrey at 212-340-4224 to discuss your fitness goals. (Or by email at