Dance Brings Us Together – at Dance Parade New York

Asian dancers perform a dance with red ribbons, while wearing red pants and blue, white and red tops, at Astor Place in NYC

This Saturday, watch exciting dance, learn new dance moves, and participate in a dance battle!

Dance Parade New York is virtual this year, and their theme is “Dance Brings Us Together”.

The festivities feature dancers from around the world – with offerings of “everything from ballet to breakdance, tango to tap and Japanese to Scottish!”

There’s Latina Pop Music Legend Lisa Lisa’s live appearance and medley of her life-long work, New York Chinese Cultural Center’s performance (at 1:25pm), you can vote for other dance contestants or show off your moves while the parade’s scouts go through 1,000 cameras and spotlight those with great energy, costumes and artistry!

Hear interviews by Artistic Directors to get an inside glimpse of the stories behind dozens of diverse movement cultures inclurding Samba, Hip-Hop, Chinese, African, Bolivian and Mexican.

And: Take a dance lesson from Dance Parade’s best teachers!

A few of the fun options:

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