Dance and Music – at a New Level – at Teknopolis

People interacting with exhibits at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Technology and VR Showcase: Teknopolis

In its 3rd year, BAM’s Teknopolis is an exciting and interactive technology showcase.
If you want to make it a family activity, keep in mind: It closes in just a few days (Last day: March 10th).

Teknopolis 2019 at BAM from BAM on Vimeo.

The showcase involves four floors of groundbreaking multi-sensory installations, designed by today’s leading digital artists, to get you to “unleash your creative mind” and:

“Break boundaries with augmented and virtual reality. Experiment with creative code to make new music and dance. And follow your curiosity across multiple floors of groundbreaking multi-sensory installations, designed by today’s leading digital artists. It’s immersive. It’s unmissable. The future is in your hands—for a limited run only.”

Curated by BAM Education, Teknopolis offers two tracks: On its own or along with the Virtual Reality exhibitis.

Just 2 of the unique experiences:

  • From digital creative agency Dogstudio and design agency Superbe: Users create non-stop collaborative music – with geometry:

    “Geometry is used to edit, craft, and loop a colorful masterpiece based on personal sounds. Users record a sound, organize the rhythm with the sound, manipulate the direction, speed, and tone, and link it to one of the available shapes: circle, triangle, square, and hexagon. All four shapes are synchronized together to produce an experimental rhythmic masterpiece.”

  • VR_I – Choreographed by Gilles Jobin: Dance is fused with VR to allow participants to interact and dance with each other as avatars, with giant and tiny dancers, in various landscapes. It’s “an immersive, contemporary dance experience that plays with perceptions of identity, space, and scale” and “was an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival, and the Lyon Dance Biennale.”

People interacting with an exhibit at BAM's Technology and VR Showcase: Teknopolis

For more information visit BAM’s site.