Create a Mini Exhibit – and Share it with Cooper Hewitt

Red Items on a Table for Cooper Hewitt Design It Yourself Mini Exhibit

Cooper Hewitt‘s Learning Lab encourages you to create your own mini exhibit!

The #SmithsonianEdu Mini-Exhibit Challenge is the first of a monthly series (posted to their blog every 2nd Tuesday of the month). They feature at-home activity prompts for families to spark creativity.

The mini exhibit prompt asks you to become a curator, making a tiny museum, using objects found in your home.

“…everyone curates, from what you choose to wear to the favorite objects you display on a shelf. By curating or selecting and organizing their collection objects, museums tell stories.”

To inspire you, they offer a few examples, like Damián Ortega’s museum exhibit which is a “frozen explosion of hand tools hovering in an almost dreamlike state”, and a mini exhibit entitled, “Museum of Ill-Advised Quarantine Purchases“.

See if you can tell your own story with your objects!

Share your creations with the museum by tagging it with #SmithsonianEDU