Christmas Carol – Set in Zoom-Land

Paper puppet of a boy and a man

This year is definitely different – and Manual Cinema is making the most of it – adapting the holiday classic, “Christmas Carol” to present times:

“The story is told by Aunt Trudy, an avowed holiday skeptic. On Christmas Eve, during quarantine, she has been recruited to entertain her family with a puppet show on a Zoom call. The puppets soon take on a life of their own, and the family’s call transforms into a stunning cinematic adaptation of the classic ghost story. In signature Manual Cinema fashion, hundreds of paper puppets, miniatures, silhouettes, and an original live score will come together to tell an imaginative re-invention of this cherished holiday classic. Each show will be performed live in Manual Cinema’s Chicago studio in a socially distanced manner and live-streamed to audiences at home. The stream will be delivered by Marquee TV.”

Hundreds of paper puppets, miniatures, silhouettes and live original score combine to create a magical and immersive tale.

Manual Cinema’s Christmas Carol (Official Trailer) from Manual Cinema on Vimeo.

Shows are performed live at their studio in a socially distanced manner, and live streamed to audiences at home.

(This show is for all ages. The content is G rated but there are sudden sounds, flashes of light with loud sounds and some ghosts.)

Performances run from December 3rd (at 7pm) to the 20th. Times here.