Merriment with Mom: 3 Perfect Plans

Brunch is a great go-to for entertainment with Mom: You can catch up – and enjoy delicious food.

But there are many other interesting things to do in the city! You can: Take her to a museum or show, explore areas you don’t often visit, go for a picnic, relax at a non-restaurant venue.

Here are just a few fun ideas:

Enjoy Activities in the (Botanical) Garden

The New York Botanical Garden has a number of events for your family this weekend, to celebrate Mother’s Day together, including: Games, garden walks & tours, photography, crafts, live bluegrass music, science shows – and of course, brunch & dining.

New York Botanical Garden - Mother's Day Activities
(Fun at New York Botanical Garden – Photo via

Go for Sophisticated Ice Cream

Try the new local ice cream shop that’s for adults only – because all the treats have alcohol in them. Kips Bay’s Tipsy Scoop has an assortment of creative liquor-infused flavors like Vanilla Bean Bourbon, Red Velvet Martini, Maple Bacon Bourbon, Strawberry White Sangria Sorbet and Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel. Enjoy the ice cream, and the new information your mom might divulge!




Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream - Kips Bay

Have Lunch on our Plaza

Our plaza is the perfect place to relax next to an exceptional view. Bring a picnic – or get some yummy food at Waterside Cafe!

Escape the hustle of the city, without having to actually leave the city.

Photo by Christina Cha (@chrissychacha on Instagram)
(Photo by Christina Cha – @chrissychacha on Instagram)

What do you like doing on Mother’s Day?

New Waterside Plaza Feathered Residents! (Photo)

We have some new (newly hatched) residents here at Waterside Plaza!

Here’s the exclusive photo!

Our feathered family at Waterside Plaza (cute ducks!)

One of the best parts of spring at Waterside Plaza is these new arrivals.

We’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately. Maybe we should do one with this family. What would you like to know?

We’re curious about their names (the second from the left looks like a Theodore) and whether they’ll be attending events – like Friday’s dancing

Spring at Waterside Plaza: In Photos

When the cherry blossoms come out – you can be certain spring has finally parked!

Here are some beautiful pictures of Waterside in spring:

Photo by @angelfitkitchen on Instagram


Photo by @anastasiiagw on Instagram


Photo by @evelinevvh on Instagram


Photo by @laurenanne769 on Instagram


Photo by @naominomad on Instagram

Photo Friday: Wonderful Views

We enjoy that you find the view so enjoyable!

A picture is worth a thousand words – a video, sometimes, more.

We love this one from Mohammad Aljamal, panning across the river from Waterside:

And Watersider Christine Cha gives you a literal window into her world:

Photo by Christine Cha of Waterside Plaza

And captures the beauty of the plaza itself:

Photo by Christine Cha of Waterside Plaza

Photo by Christine Cha of Waterside Plaza