New Waterside Plaza Feathered Residents! (Photo)

We have some new (newly hatched) residents here at Waterside Plaza!

Here’s the exclusive photo!

Our feathered family at Waterside Plaza (cute ducks!)

One of the best parts of spring at Waterside Plaza is these new arrivals.

We’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately. Maybe we should do one with this family. What would you like to know?

We’re curious about their names (the second from the left looks like a Theodore) and whether they’ll be attending events – like Friday’s dancing

Waterside Plaza’s Resident Feathered Family Is Back! (Video)

Our favorite part of spring: when our resident Waterside Plaza duck hatches a new brood and we get to see this adorable feathered family in action! See more views from Waterside at Waterside Plaza Views.

Flashback Friday: A surprise find, Waterside 30 years ago

waterside plaza 1970s
Waterside Plaza, 1970-1920. Credit Ashley Evans Johnson, Facebook.

Resident Ashley Evans Johnson shared the story of finding this amazing vintage photo of Waterside Plaza on Facebook. Funnily, we hear stories like this all the time! Share yours @watersideplaza.

Going through photos in my in-laws’ basement this weekend and found this gem from a late ’70s/early ’80s vacation to NYC…30 years before my husband and I moved into Waterside!