MoMath Shows You Secret Math Magic

Tomorrow evening, at our friendly mathy neighborhood Museum, MoMath, you can experience ‘Six Magical Concepts’ with Magician Joshua Jay:
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Celebrate Bangladeshi Culture at the Children’s Museum of the Arts

We’ve explored a number of NYC’s educational and unique museums, such as MoMath, Holographic Studios, Smallest Mollusk Museum, and the Houdini Museum of New York, with enlightening exhibits to experience with children.

Manhattan’s CMA has a special focus on connecting kids and art.
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Marvelous Magic in the City

Did last month’s Magic at Waterside event re-ignite your interest in magic and mind tricks?

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Lovely Lunar Activities This Weekend

This Chinese New Year marks the Year of the Pig.

Enjoy these Lunar New Year celebratory activities for you and your kids tomorrow (Saturday, February 9th)!
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2-For-1 Tickets to Must See Museums!

City, art, culture and history lovers: You’re in luck! NYC: The Official Guide’s “Must-See Week” gets you into many of the city’s best museums at 2-for-1 pricing.

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