Celebrate Bangladeshi Culture at the Children’s Museum of the Arts

We’ve explored a number of NYC’s educational and unique museums, such as MoMath, Holographic Studios, Smallest Mollusk Museum, and the Houdini Museum of New York, with enlightening exhibits to experience with children.

Manhattan’s CMA has a special focus on connecting kids and art.
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Delve Deep with Documentaries – at MoMA’s Doc Fortnight

Doc Fortnight 2019 begins this Thursday! MoMA’s annual nonfiction film festival provides a week full of features and shorts from around the globe. Continue reading “Delve Deep with Documentaries – at MoMA’s Doc Fortnight”

Lovely Lunar Activities This Weekend

This Chinese New Year marks the Year of the Pig.

Enjoy these Lunar New Year celebratory activities for you and your kids tomorrow (Saturday, February 9th)!
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Revel in Spanish Theatre – at Nearby Repertorio Español

Immerse yourself in exciting Spanish-language theater – at nearby Gramercy’s neighborhood cultural institution, Repertorio Español. Around since 1968, it continues to present innovating and compelling shows.

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Feast and Festivities: At the Feast Of San Gennaro Festival

Immerse yourself in the liveliness of Italy! With the 92nd Feast Of San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy.

Take in the amazing food and entertainment, from now until Sunday, September 23rd. From 11:30 AM to 11PM Sundays to Thursdays, and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.


“The beloved Feast of San Gennaro is an annual celebration of the Patron Saint of Naples. The first Feast in New York City took place on September 19, 1926 when newly arrived immigrants from Naples settled along Mulberry Street in the Little Italy section of New York City and decided to continue the tradition they had followed in Italy to celebrate the day in 305 A.D. when Saint Gennaro was martyred for the faith.

Since then, the Feast has grown from a one day street festival to a gala 11-day event”

(Photos from sangennaro.nyc )

Experience Opera Night and many other concerts and musical performances (including Jenna Esposito), and see the Saturday Grand Procession. There’s even a children’s program.

And be sure to taste your way through Italian delicacies like cannoli, fresh mozzarella, zeppoles and meatballs!