An Introduction to the Poster House with Melissa Walker

Learn about the Poster House, a new museum in the heart of Manhattan, dedicated to the history of the poster. It showcases design and advertising posters.

On Monday, March 9th at 6:30pm, Melissa Walker, the Collection Manager, comes to the Lewis Davis Pavilion (25 Waterside Plaza) to introduce you to this exciting museum.

Home to a collection of over 1,000 posters, Poster House features the works of Milton Glaser, the mastermind of I <3 NY, and Shepard Fairey, who created the Obama “Hope” poster. Located on W 23rd Street, the museum conducted extensive renovation on a 100 year-old building.

Melissa Walker brings extensive experience working in vintage posters and printmaking. Currently, she is digitizing the museum’s collection so that it will be accessible for research. Melissa has a master’s degree in studio art and previously ran her own contemporary art gallery.

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Joyce Gold – Immigrant, Radical, Notorious Women of Washington Square

Joyce Gold is back for her fourth talk at Waterside with “Immigrant, Radical, Notorious Women of Washington Square”!

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Remember Us: The Hungarian Hidden Children – Presented by Evi Blaikie

Hidden children — that’s the title given to countless children who survived the Holocaust by being placed out of harm’s way, by finding sanctuary in the arms of strangers, through the assistance of friends and acquaintances or even soldiers.

Many of the survival stories seem miraculous. But survival at that time, under the circumstances, could indeed be seen as such. Many still wonder about their own survival. Visiting the past to regain the future, this powerful and hopeful film focuses not only on who these children were, but the adults they have become.

Following the documentary, Evi Blaikie will take questions.

Tue, March 3, 2020
at 6:00pm
at our Lewis Davis Pavilion (25 Waterside Plaza)

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