Gristedes’ Waterside Customer Appreciation Day: December 2nd

Gristedes at Waterside is having a Customer Appreciation Day on Friday December 2nd to thank Waterside residents for their loyalty!


There will food tastings throughout the day starting at 11:00 am, as well as Danishes and coffee – and an offer of $5.00 off on a purchase of $75.00 or more.

They’ll also be debuting their new Household Items section!

We interviewed Bob Capano, Gristedes’ spokesman to learn more about Customer Appreciation Day, about Gristedes, and their plans for the Waterside location.

Tell us more about Customer Appreciation Day!

Sure! Part of it is to showcase the improvements we’ve made to the store, and, moreover, to express our appreciation to the loyal patronage of our customers at Waterside.

We’ll have different vendors providing food tastings, beginning at 11am, allowing the customers to sample products.

That sounds great. As does the free Danish and coffee that will be there. Who can resist?

Right – what better way to start your day?

Danish and coffee, it’s all you need in life.


Can you tell us about your new Household Items section?

We want to offer our customers at Waterside a full shopping experience so they can fulfill all their shopping needs, including household needs, and to make it as convenient as possible for them.

We’ll have an expanded non-food section, which will include things like shower curtains and closet organizers, an upscale pots and pans section, mop and broom section. We’ll offer top-quality products like you’d be able to buy at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Oh, that’s very convenient.

Any other special things for Customer Appreciation Day?

We’ll have an in store flyer that will include $5.00 off on a purchase of $75.00 or more

Great! And, on normal days, do you have incentives for loyal customers?

At all times, we have the loyalty Bonus Savings Card.

It’s an easy 1, 2, 3 process. If people don’t have one already, they just fill out a quick application and they get the loyalty Bonus Savings Card as our way of showing our appreciation for their loyalty.

Now if they don’t already have the card, can you explain what it offers, specifically?  

Of course. There are dozens and dozens of items throughout the store that have an additional discount if you have a bonus savings card.

That’s really helpful.

Also, with regards to helpfulness: When people have feedback or suggestions, are there ways that they can get that information to you?

Definitely. On our website, there’s an option for customers to email their feedback directly to our company. And we really appreciate their feedback, their compliments and constructive criticism.

Our goal at Gristedes is to make our stores, especially at Waterside, the destination of choice for customers.

And when I say “destination of choice”, we want to offer our customers three things. One: Clean and fresh products. We want them to have the freshest perishable items.

Two: We want to offer them clean stores.

And, three: We want to offer outstanding customer service.

So those are really our three hallmarks for all our stores, including Waterside: Fresh perishable items, clean stores, and outstanding customer service.

Those are great goals. In terms of customer service, it makes a huge difference when you interact with people who are pleasant and helpful; It can make your day.

It’s very important.

We want to be the destination of choice – so people are able to fulfill all their shopping needs. And that’s part of why we’re having the expanded non-food items section we spoke about earlier.

Also, as part of these improvements, we greatly expanded our organic natural food sections, in produce and meat, to give customers that additional option.

More and more people, in general, are looking to eat healthier and to have those organic and natural-choice options – which is why we expanded those sections in our Waterside store.

Do you offer delivery? Especially for people who can’t get out of their apartments?

Yes, yes we do. We do phone orders; they could call the store. And if they want to, they can shop in-store and we’ll do home delivery.


Now, Christmas is right around the corner. We just posted about Thanksgiving ready-made-dinner options, but do you have the same offer for Christmas?

We’re offering this holiday meal option straight through.

You can just go to our deli department there and order the full meal, turkey and all the other delicious stuff, and have it made by us.

That is always a hit in our stores. We understand, in the hustle and bustle of New York City, sometimes people just don’t have the time to shop and do the cooking, so we want to offer them that option.

That’s wonderful. Convenience and efficiency are really crucial – especially when people are low on time and energy, as tends to be the case by the time the holidays roll around. It’s perfect to have the option for a great holiday meal – that can be purchased right outside their door!

And speaking of right outside their door: Danishes!

Yes! We’re looking forward to seeing Watersiders at the Customer Appreciation on December 2nd!

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