Baryshnikov Arts Center Digital – Spring Performances

Dancers perform in a blue-tinged room, in front of a camera

This year, the Baryshnikov Arts Center commissioned 7 artists to create digital dance works, to be presented free online for a two week period.

Coming up: Their spring line-up: A dance cinema work inspired by colonial exposition parks of Europe, North America, and the Caribbean during the 1810s-1940; A video docudrama about art-making in an apocalyptic near-future, inspired by the infamous apologists of the #MeToo era; And a dance of speculative fiction inspired by “Afrofuturism, the echoes of Jazz, and the stars within us”.

Trailer: BAC Digital Spring 2021 from Baryshnikov Arts Center on Vimeo.

They are also breleasing performances from their archive, viewable for a week. Beginning today (April 15th) and until next Thursday (April 22nd), you can watch BAC Salon: Szymanowski, Berio + Debussy Tesla Quartet + Alexandra Smither, soprano

“A program of sumptuous turn of the 20th century masterworks for string quartet by Karol Szymanowski and Claude Debussy—both exemplifying groundbreaking harmonic pursuits of the time—and Luciano Berio’s Sequenza III, which incorporates coughing, laughing, whispering, speaking, and singing into one of the great modern feats for solo voice. Performed by the refined Tesla Quartet and Canadian rising star Alexandra Smither in her first New York appearance.”

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