Video Explaining Charter Revision Proposals (From ABNY)

Man and Woman Discuss NY Charter Revision Proposals - ABNY poster in the background

ABNY (Association for a Better New York) is a non-profit organization “dedicated to the constant growth and renewal of New York City’s people, businesses and communities”.
And they have a video to clarify aspects of the Charter Revision Proposals that will be on the ballot in this November’s election.

New Yorkers can vote on five key areas:

  • Elections
  • Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB)
  • Ethics and Governance
  • City Budget
  • Land Use (ULURP)

Watch the video for the discussion with Charter Revision Commission Chair Gail Benjamin and Commissioner Carl Weisbrod, moderated by Jennifer Jones Austin of Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, in which they explain the Charter Revision process and the implications of some of the proposed changes: