Children Watch Disney Movie at Community Center

Days: Monday – Friday
Hours: 10AM to 5PM
Location: 40 Waterside Plaza – Level A
Contact: 212-340-4225

Visit with neighbors and enjoy free snacks and coffee every day. Our Community Center features flat screen HDTVs, a reading room and separate areas for children and adults. In good weather, an enclosed outdoor play area with seating is available. Admission is free and open only to Waterside residents.

Activities for Adults:

Welcome to the Fall Tea Party

Friday, September 22nd
Time: 3:00PM to 4:30PM

Enjoy a wonderful selection of fine teas and delicious tea cakes, to welcome in Fall 2017

Activities for Kids:

Candy Apples and Cotton Candy

Friday, September 15th
Time: 2:30PM to 4PM.

A special event for Community Center kids – come and enjoy the delicious caramel taste of candied apples and homemade Cotton Candy!

Fall Foliage Finger Painting

Friday September 29th
Time: 2:30PM-4PM.

Step into the Fall Season and be inspired by creating your very own Fall Foliage painting!

Tournament Tuesdays
Time:  10:00AM – 4:00PM

Join us for some friendly competition.

This month’s games are:

September 12th: Chinese Checkers

September 19th: Chess

September 26th: Backgammon

Matinee Wednesdays
Time:  1:00PM

Enjoy movies and popcorn every Wednesday.

September, 6th: “A Zookeepers Wife”  (Starring: Jessica Chastian)
(Genre: Drama)

September 13th : “Get Out”  (Starring: Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams)
(Genre: Thriller)

September 20th: “Moana”  (Starring: Dwayne Johnson)
(Genre: Family/Disney)

September 27th: “The Promise”  (Starring: Oscar Issac and Christian Bale)
(Genre: Romance)