Mollusks in Manhattan

Just down the street, your kids can learn about tiny aliens! The tiny aliens of the invertebrate world!

At Bellevue Hospital Center, right here in Kips Bay, experience the Smallest Mollusk Museum:

“Prepare for a journey into the world of the mollusk: a group of invertebrates that has produced the oldest animal alive, the hardest biological material, and a lot of slime.

Humanity. Mollusks. An epic battle for survival.

Straighten your spine, vertebrate. Things are about to get weird.”

Co-founder, Amanda Scochet, on what this 6 foot tall museum entails:

“Our team of engineers, designers and storytellers at MICRO worked with over 30 scientists from the world’s leading research institutions to develop the exhibits, which include two miniature movie theaters, a full-sized holographic aquarium packed with strange beasts, the world’s first 3D-printed octopus brain, and a bucket of slime.”

Smallest Mollusk Museum - in Kips Bay

Just head over to the Bellevue pediatric unit to understand more about these fascinating tiny creatures.