Ride the Ferry to an Old-Time Carousel

Need a dose of nostalgia? Take a ferry to the past!

Head to the nearby East River Ferry (at East 34th Street) and take it to Dumbo to see Jane’s Carousel.

Antique Carousel - Jane's Carousel - in Dumbo, Brooklyn

(From janescarousel.com)

The 1922 carousel was originally manufactured in “the heyday of the American Carousel“, by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and operated in Ohio. It was purchased by Jane and David Walentas, and lovingly restored by Jane Walentas, including hand-scraping the park-paint. (Learn more about the history and restoration.)

It’s won awards of “Best Public Space“.  Justifiably so, because not only is the ride stunning, its location at Dock St & Water St means you ride while taking in the beauty of the city.

It’s also been the site of a number of exciting fashion shoots and videos.

Including this one from “Glee”:

While the carousel may not make everyone feel like a natural woman, as it did for Mercedes Jones, it will certainly make you feel like a natural kid again. Enjoy the ride!