Decorating, Candy & Crooning – January at the Community Center

It’s the new year – and at our Community Center, we always have new things!

Join us this month for:

Jewelry Box Decoration Party (for Adults)

Friday January 12th
Time: 2:30PM-4:00PM

Show off your creativity, style and personality at our Jewelry Box Decoration Party. Decorate it with paint, stain, ribbons, decoupage or any other craft material we have. The only limit is your imagination!

Thread Photo - Jewelry Box Decoration Party - at Waterside's Community Center

Karaoke & Cotton Candy (for Kids)

Friday, January 26th
Time: 3:00PM to 4:30PM

We invite our Community Center kids to join in and sing their favorite songs, while enjoying hand spun cotton candy.

Karaoke & Cotton Candy - at Waterside's Community Center