Free Aquasize Class – Health Club in June

What could be more appealing in hot weather than a dip in the pool? How about being in the pool – and getting your workout?

Try an exercise that allows you to get fit – without breaking a sweat.

In June, Waterside Swim and Health Club is offering “Aquasize” as its promotional class, so if you’re not a member, you are welcome to give it a whirl, free, all month! And, of course, the class is open to members.

Mondays at noon is “Aquasize Monday”

“Aquasize is water aerobics, a non-impact workout that uses the resistance of the water  to improve endurance, strength and flexibility. Instructor David Cabrol will guide you through exercises in the pool. Benefits include improvement in range of motion, balance and coordination. A great class for those recovering from an injury or for those looking for an intense workout without any stress on your joints.”

This is a wonderful class with an exceptional instructor. 

Learn about instructor David Cabrol on this interview!

Free Water Aerobics/Aquasize Monday at Waterside Plaza Swim & Health Club - June 2017