Health Club: December Specials & Free Pilates Class

Rev up your workout in Winter!


Waterside Swim and Health Club is offering these December specials:

3 (30 minute) personal training sessions for just $99.00 (normally $135)
3 (30 minute) swim lessons for $99.00 (normally $165)

Free December Class

Pilates is a feel-great workout – getting you stronger and developing your coordination and balance.

And “Total Body Pilates” is the FREE class this month at the Health Club.

Check it out on Wednesdays, 10:00AM – 11:00PM

(Non-members wanting to check out the Health Club, give this class a whirl. Members can, of course, take it too!)

Improve your flexibility, as you tone and strengthen your body – with this cutting edge fusion workout! Start the calorie burning process by using weights and core related exercises followed by Pilates mat.

Doing Pilates with weights allows you to burn more calories as you build your long, lean muscles.

(Instructor: Danita Shaheen)

Free December 2016 Class at Waterside Swim & Health Club

Group Class Schedule – December

Waterside Plaza Swim & Health Club - December 2016 - Group Fitness Calendar

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