Time-Saving Turkeys

Just the thought of Thanksgiving makes mouths water. Those turkey dinner feasts (and its inevitable delectable leftovers) are one of the most anticipated parts of the holiday. But what if you want the goods – but not the fuss? You love the food – but don’t have the energy for all the cooking it involves? Fortunately, we’re in a city with plenty of options for ready-to-feast-on turkey and fixings.

One right outside our door is Gristedes: They offer a Complete Holiday Dinner – and complete it is! It’s got all the holiday delights. Serving 6 to 8, it includes a 10-12 lb. Fully Cooked Grade A Turkey, as well as: Mashed potatoes, herb stuffing, turkey gravy, Hawaiian sweet rolls, candied yams, green bean almondine, glazed carrots, cranberry relish and (2) 8” pies – all for $129.99.

Gristedes' Complete Thanksgiving Dinner

Other choices include:

  • Grub Street has a number of helpful recommendations, including Four & Twenty Blackbirds for pies. But not just any pies… Salted-caramel apple, salty-honey, bittersweet-chocolate pecan, and brown-butter pumpkin pies 
  • Desiring less-traditional Thanksgiving fare? New York Magazine’s list suggests Citarella – which offers items like crown roast of lamb and stuffed artichokes.
  • And if you (or your guests) are vegan or gluten free, Red Tricycle suggests The Cinnamon Snail for goodies like pecan smoked seitan, gluten-free grilled mushroom gravy, truffle mac and cheese, maple-miso brussel sprouts and plum marinated kale.

Do you have a favorite place? Let us know.

Gristedes pie (via Gristedes Instagram)

Gristedes pie (via Gristedes Instagram)