Syeda Naz Quamer – Opening – at Waterside Cafe

Join us for Syeda Naz Quamer’s art opening at Waterside Cafe on Thursday, May 12th, 6pm – 8pm.

Syeda’s art draws beauty from everyday things and adds a sparkle.

Two vases with flowers - Syeda Naz Quamer

Syeda Naz Quamer

Syeda Naz Quamer was born in East Pakistan, now considered Bangladesh. Her father, renowned poet Syed Ali Ahsan, moved to Karachi when she was a teenager.

Her mother, Quamar, was a Renaissance homemaker, who taught her how to sew at an early age.  Syeda soon began designing clothes and embroidered saris and popular Indian clothes. She continued her studies and simultaneously pursued her love for creative expression.

Multicolor flowers in vase - Syeda Naz Quamer

Syeda Naz Quamer

At 19, she was married to an Engineer named Ali Ashraf Masud and eventually had two children. Soon after the Bangladesh liberation war, she and her family moved to America.

For most of her career, she worked on Wall Street. She raised her two children and worked full time for most of her 25 years in America. When she retired at age 62, she wasn’t sure what she’d do – but after taking some painting classes at local Art centers, she decided to take a few college classes. It was a bold step because she wasn’t convinced she would have the stamina to go to college in her 60’s.

Once in college, however, her passion for the arts returned in leaps and bounds and she managed to care for her infant granddaughter during the day while attending school at night. She earned a Certificate in Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design.

She is currently teaching in a variety of locations and reinvents herself every day in her painting.

Yellow flowers in vase - Syeda Naz Quamer

Syeda Naz Quamer

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