Health Expert Q&A: Interview with Stu Lupoten – Personal Trainer at Waterside Swim and Health Club

Stu Lopoten - Personal Trainer at Waterside Swim and Health Club

Stu Lupoten is one of the excellent personal trainers at Waterside Swim and Health Club. We asked Stu about his experience, challenges and motivations.

How long have you been in the fitness industry and how long at Waterside Swim & Health Club?

I have been a fitness addict for about 20 years, training friends for fun, but only doing it professionally as a certified trainer and group fitness instructor for about 2 years at Waterside. After leaving a legal career because I wasn’t happy and fulfilled going to work every day, fitness has given me the ability to enjoy going to work doing something I’d be doing anyway.

What are your certifications?

I am certified personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), which is one of the most difficult certifications to obtain and universally recognized in the industry.

Why did you get into the fitness industry?

I wanted to enjoy going to work and I wanted to pursue something that would make me a healthier person each day. I also felt like I have a lot of experience gained over years of trying different ways to get in shape and I enjoy sharing that knowledge with others so as to maximize their fitness efforts and minimize their time wasted with ineffective routines.

Do you have a favorite fitness moment or experience?

My friend and fellow trainer Jeff Hirsch and I were hired recently to created a 60 day fitness program called Rippedism that is now being marketed and sold online at The workouts are incredible (17 workouts, 35 minutes per day) and stream directly to your phone, computer, tablet, etc. and can be done almost anywhere with just dumbbells.

How do you stay healthy in mind and body?

Getting a workout in every day is truly the best stress relief for me. It is not easy and I have never been one of those people who love working out to be honest. HOWEVER, I love how I feel when I finish and it gives me energy, confidence and a sense of accomplishment throughout the day. Whenever I feel sluggish or stressed, it’s amazing how the release of endorphins triggered by exercise can improve your entire mental and physical state.

Do you have any personal fitness challenges?

I herniated 2 discs in my necks a few years ago, so certain movements tend to cause discomfort if I push too hard. Everyone has a nagging injury or certain movements that are more uncomfortable than others. It’s important to know your limitations and find ways to modify and work around those roadblocks.

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?

I am an actor and SAG member having appeared countless times on shows such as All My Children and Saturday Night Live . . . and also a season of The Bachelorette.

What would you like people to know about you?

I enjoy working with people and pushing them further than they thought they could go. Using my experience to tailor routines and programs to fit individual goals, nothing is impossible and we are all capable of getting healthy and fit with the right information and motivation!

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