Topsy-Turvy Art at Madison Square Park!

 topsy turvy madison square park

Photo: Topsy-Turvy: A Camera Obscura Installation (2013) by Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder. Credit: Madison Square Park.


Ever wondered what your neighborhood looks like upside-down? If you haven’t, you probably are now! Today, March 1, Madison Square Park Conservancy’s Mad. Sq. Art unveils Topsy-Turvy: A Camera Obscura Installation, a life-sized structure visitors can enter to see our familiar urban landscape turned on its head. How? The 10-foot by 10-foot interactive installation, created by New York-based artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder, uses one of the world’s oldest moving image technologies, camera obscura, to project a panoramic representation of the surrounding scenery in real-time.


A key forerunner of photography and film, camera obscura is an optical device that uses light to reproduce images upside-down but with color and perspective preserved. With this large-scale version of the age-old device, the presenters hope to alter the way visitors engage with one of Manhattan’s most beloved public spaces. On view March 1- April 5, 2013, Topsy-Turvy appropriately inaugurates the Spring 2013 season of Mad. Sq. Art; what better season is there to see the world anew?