UN Spouses Art Exhibit!


Waterside Plaza is proud to present the international artworks of our very own residents and members of NYLESA (New York Local Expatriate Spouse Association), Neerja Tata and Zijiang Jin. The exhibition of gorgeous Indian folk & tribal art and Chinese landscape painting will be held on Saturday, Sept 10th at the Waterside Health Club.



Neeja Tata, who has been painting for the last 18 years, had her formal training in the East Indian state of Orissa’s original art styles, "Saora" tribal art and the ancient folk art style known as "Pattachitra" (Sanskrit for paintings on silk). Neeja has brought innovation to these cherished traditions by combining the two styles and using new mediums, such as wood, to paint on. She draws inspiration from Indian mythology and themes of rural life and agriculture. Neerja has exhibited her work in Bangkok and the United States. This is her fourth exhibition.




Jin Zijiang was introduced to the art of Chinese landscape painting at the age of seven and has been painting since, including time spent studying with Chinese art master, Liu Haisu. Like many traditional Chinese artists, Zijiang finds inspiration in landscapes and paints his innermost feelings into the depictions of the natural world. "Beneath fine-boned brushed strokes, ethereal ink washes and delicate mineral tints flow subtle feelings and ideas." Zijiang’s work has been exhibited in China as well as Florence, Osaka, and in many publications.


NYLESA is an organization created by UN spouses for UN spouses to help families adjust to their new lives in New York City. See the NYLESA website for more information on this great organization.